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GUI updates - new and improved

For our first update in quite a long time, Apollo presents the GUI updates script version 1.4, which includes numerous improvements to the DS GUI. Check it out on the scripts page!

26 August, 2006 by ElasticMuffin | Comments (3)
has this site been discontinued or are there still thing in the works?
Comment by revolutionaryvampire - 18 January, 2008
Oh, there are things in the works! Just very slowly, and rarely :P
Comment by kyevan - 25 January, 2008
Absolutely awesome. I've always wanted to see my pigment and pigment bleed variations of my norns be actually... SEEN when I import/export them or when I look at them in the list. Fantastic. Thank you very much, very helpful for me.
Comment by Azumizai - 19 November, 2009

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