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Return of the Arcade Games

Of all things you thought you'd do in Docking Station, I bet you never thought you'd be playing Asteroids. Well, Alex Watson has proven you wrong. Go check out the new game for DS on the Agents page.

21 April, 2006 by ElasticMuffin | Comments (3)
now peoples like me can blast asteroids instead of norns!
Comment by bio/bibblechemist - 23 April, 2006
*tries not to envision how a Norn is blasted*
Comment by ElasticMuffin - 25 April, 2006
eg: a sludge gun or a modified sludge gun which knocks them a bit or a sludge gun which has modified sprites and bullets which don't have as much accg
(and uses rounds which fly out)
Comment by bio/bibblechemist - 25 April, 2006

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